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Colorado Springs, natural foods, organic produce, deli, bakery, supplements & body care

Mountain Mama is a family owned and operated natural food store located in Colorado Springs, Colorado & features Natural Grocery, Organic Produce, Vitamin/Supplements, Natural Body Care, Perishables, Frozen Foods, Bulk Foods, Bulk Herbs as well as an in-house Bakery and Delicatessen. Mountain Mama is a west side landmark just minutes away from Colorado College, The Broadmoor and Downtown Colorado Springs.

Mountain Mama opened for business in 1979.  From a somewhat humble beginning, Mountain Mama has grown and earned a solid reputation and a very loyal following.  For over three decades,  Mountain Mama has been a integral part of the west side and larger community of Colorado Springs continually supporting the healthy and active lifestyles of its residents.  Many Mountain Mama employees have been with the company for well over a decadesome over two decades, which speaks well of the sense of community Mountain Mama has created and the experience and knowledge of its staff. Drop in today to see what Mountain Mama has to offer you!

Herbalogic **GIVEAWAY** Series

We hope you are ready to WIN!! Over the next few weeks we will be giving away OUR FAVORITE Herbalogic Herb Drops! 

First, to know how great these GIVEAWAYS are, you need to know a little bit about the Herbalogic herb drops! Then we will look at the pair of tinctures we are giving away this week! 

What are Herbalogic herb drops?

Herbalogic® natural herb drops are modern updates of classic liquid herbal tinctures used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) created by Austin-based Third Coast Herb Company. The company's founders, Jeanine Adinaro and David Jones, both licensed acupuncturists, saw a growing interest among their patients for natural alternatives to synthetic drugs. But they found the practice of Chinese herbalism—a health tradition with more than two millennia of documented wisdom—was often difficult to communicate to U.S. consumers.

After spending time at China’s Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine they started Third Coast Herb Company and launched the Herbalogic line of concentrated herb drops with formulas modified for Western tastes and culture. Shortly thereafter, they partnered with herbalist Dr. Zheng Zeng to further develop and refine their formulas, resulting in nine Herbalogic products used to support the body's natural response to low energy, sleeplessness, stress and tension, minor muscle aches and pains, poor mental concentration, PMS mood swings, menopausal hot flashes, nervous worry and agitation, and issues related to seasonal allergies.

The First Pair We are GIVING AWAY: Fixed Focus & Peak Power

We felt like these two were a perfect pair, dynamic due, match made in get the point.

Fixed Focus can help your body relax while keeping your mind stimulated, WITHOUT the side effects of typical synthetic stimulates! Peak Power can help give you the stamina you need to get through your day, conquer a mountain or even recover quicker.

Check out the two short videos below for more information on these two herb drops!

Who Would These Herb Drops be Good For?

The new parents - Dad needs to focus at work (in a very sleep deprived state) & Mom needs the stamina to get through the day (also, very sleep deprived)! 

The athlete - The person who is training hard and needs stamina during training, help recovering and staying focused at work when he/she is not training! 

The traveler - Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, this dynamic due can help you adjust to new elevations and environments, while still staying focused and engaged! 

**GIVEAWAY** Rules:

It is simple really

1. Comment below. Let us know why you would love to try this product and how it may help you! 

2. Go to our Facebook page and Like & Share any post about this giveaway! 

We will announce the winner Wednesday morning May 28th! 

Good Luck!