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Mountain Mama is a family owned and operated natural food store located in Colorado Springs, Colorado & features Natural Grocery, Organic Produce, Vitamin/Supplements, Natural Body Care, Perishables, Frozen Foods, Bulk Foods, Bulk Herbs as well as an in-house Bakery and Delicatessen. Mountain Mama is a west side landmark just minutes away from Colorado College, The Broadmoor and Downtown Colorado Springs.

Mountain Mama opened for business in 1979.  From a somewhat humble beginning, Mountain Mama has grown and earned a solid reputation and a very loyal following.  For over three decades,  Mountain Mama has been a integral part of the west side and larger community of Colorado Springs continually supporting the healthy and active lifestyles of its residents.  Many Mountain Mama employees have been with the company for well over a decadesome over two decades, which speaks well of the sense of community Mountain Mama has created and the experience and knowledge of its staff. Drop in today to see what Mountain Mama has to offer you!

"What's in my Medicine Cabinet" - Cold and Flu Season Prep

For those of you who have been around Mountain Mama for a while you know that the woman who runs the show around here is Julie Sasinka. She has been apart of the business since she was a little peanut! Having spent so much time in this industry, she knows what works! Here is what she has to say about how to handle that first tickle of a cold!

Nothing is worse then starting to come down with something or having one of your kiddos showing first signs of illness and not having what you need on hand. This started me thinking, "what can I not live without in my medicine cabinet?" There are so many fantastic products out there, and of course everybody's body reacts differently but these are the products I can't live without!!!!
1) Host Dense Myco Shield Spray- my favorite when you get that first tickle in your throat.
2) Honeybee Garden Elderberry Syrup- paired with the above it's a one,two punch to whatever is coming your way. Tastes good, so easy to give to kids over two ( contains honey).
3) Megafood Acute Defense- this brand new to market product has already impressed me immensely! To be used at first sign of symptoms mix the packet with juice or water. I have already seen it work miracles on several occasions. Warning! It is very bitter and tastes terrible. I get it down anyway I can since it works so well, anything to not be sick. Probably hard to give to small kids due to the taste. An alternate product is Gaia's Quick Defense.
4) Wishgarden Kick Ass Immune- this long time favorite for many is always on hand just in case. Also available in a kids formula ( alcohol free).

The above products work best when you are just starting to feel under the weather, it's best to strike early and swiftly. These are my absolute favorites! Here's hoping you and yours a "crud free" winter season! - Julie