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Mountain Mama is a family owned and operated natural food store located in Colorado Springs, Colorado & features Natural Grocery, Organic Produce, Vitamin/Supplements, Natural Body Care, Perishables, Frozen Foods, Bulk Foods, Bulk Herbs as well as an in-house Bakery and Delicatessen. Mountain Mama is a west side landmark just minutes away from Colorado College, The Broadmoor and Downtown Colorado Springs.

Mountain Mama opened for business in 1979.  From a somewhat humble beginning, Mountain Mama has grown and earned a solid reputation and a very loyal following.  For over three decades,  Mountain Mama has been a integral part of the west side and larger community of Colorado Springs continually supporting the healthy and active lifestyles of its residents.  Many Mountain Mama employees have been with the company for well over a decadesome over two decades, which speaks well of the sense of community Mountain Mama has created and the experience and knowledge of its staff. Drop in today to see what Mountain Mama has to offer you!

Boost it! Your Guide to Natural Pre-Workout Supplements

Whatever physical activity gets you going in the morning, one thing is for sure, we could all use a little pick-me-up or “go go juice” as my mother calls it. Luckily there are SO MANY natural products that have come out in recent years that help perk you up and give you that second wind during your workouts. I thought I’d share a few of my personal favorite pre-workouts that we carry at Mountain Mama and tell you why I love them so!




Come talk to any of us at the mama and we will rant and rave about medicinal mushrooms. This pre-workout contains Cordyceps and Reishi (among other mushrooms) which are amazing for athletes because they support the respiratory system and endurance. NRG also contains plant-based caffeine which gives you a nice smooth boost and doesn’t have the jittery effects that some caffeine gives you. Bonus: it comes in a single-serving packet so you can just keep it in your car or exercise bag and it tastes quite nice!



Red Ace Beet Performance Supplement



I love this product for a few reasons. Most importantly, they are based out of Colorado and we love to support other local companies at Mountain Mama. Another is that they are certified organic, and contain very few ingredients. These delicious beet shots are made up of organic beet juice, filtered water, organic lemon juice and organic flavors, THAT’S IT. These shots give you that extra little energy kick and help to boost your stamina. I personally love them before a long run or hot yoga class because I like the clean energy it gives without the crash.


Host Defense Cordyceps Extract


You can’t mention medicinal mushrooms without mentioning the best of the best, Host Defense. The owner of the company Paul Stamets is THE mushroom guru and I will support anything and everything he does. We could talk all day long about the benefits of Cordyceps and there are numerous clinical studies online, but I use this product for the simple fact that it WORKS. I’ve been blessed with exercise-induced asthma so taking long hikes at high elevation can be a challenge for me. If I take cordyceps before a long hike and pack it with me I notice a huge difference in my breathing and energy levels. Also nice is that this product contains no caffeine! (To note: I mention the extract over the capsules because liquid is better for short-term activities over the capsules which are more of a daily/long-term thing)


Extreme Edge


If the name doesn’t give you a good idea, this stuff is INSANE (in the best way). If I am feeling lethargic and mix this powder in a glass of water, within 20 minutes I am MOVING. The amount of caffeine in this product is the equivalent to 1 ¾ cups of coffee. For all of you fellow coffee addicts, this is our product. For those of you who are somewhat sensitive to caffeine, this might not be your best choice. To note: this product is NSF certified for sport which means it does not contain any banned substances so competitive athletes are able to use this product. If you’ve tried many products over the years and have never gotten any results, try this and I guarantee you will notice a difference.



These are my personal go-to’s but if you come to our store you’ll see these products and so much more. Ask any of our staff and they’ll be sure to let you know their personal favorites as well!




Turkey Tail Mushroom: Nature's Immune Booster

A “renaissance mycologist” inventor and researcher by the name of Paul Stamets, Ph.D,  is well-known for his strong beliefs in the power of mushrooms, having authored six mushroom-related books and being awarded nine patents with more that are likely to come. Specifically, he has discovered nine antiviral molecules that are revealed through the mycelium of the mushroom as it rots the wood it has inhabited.

Turkey tail mushrooms work by providing a big boost to our immune systems. They contain B-glucans, polysaccharides, within the fungal cell walls. When eaten, these B-glucans provide receptors in the small intestine area that get the immune-boosting power in full force. This power puts the turkey tail mushroom in the adaptogen category. Adaptogen herbs work to resist numerous stress factors that we face daily, providing support to the immune system and stimulating energy levels. Usually, adaptogens are herbal compounds found in things like mushrooms, roots, berries, barks and leaves.

Furthermore, mushrooms are composed of compacted mycelium, the same noted by Dr. Stamets, and jam-packed with nutrition, such as polysaccharides, proteins, minerals, and vitamins B and D. They’re also low-fat. The mycelium structure is loaded with helpful enzymes, antimicrobial agents and antiviral compounds. In fact, this mycelium is more important than you may think by helping provide nutrient-dense soil, something our land is often lacking, which can help neutralize the toxins in our immune systems.  

How to Use and Buy Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The turkey tail mushroom is edible but is rather chewy, which is why it’s most commonly served as a tea or powder in capsule form. It’s often found combined with other mushrooms as a supplement.

It’s best to buy organic to avoid toxins that may be found in the soil, especially since one of the biggest benefits is the dirt the mushroom is grown in, providing nourishment due to its natural environment.

Other things to consider when making a purchase is whether the product has been validated by scientific studies. You want to make sure you get the real thing that has been properly sourced. Find out where the mushrooms were grown and if they’ve been handled by experts.

There is a fractionated “drug” version of turkey tail, also called PSK or polysaccharide K. It’s extremely popular in Japan for its anticancer properties, but it cannot be legally sold in the U.S. However, the pure version of turkey tail that was used in a breast cancer study can be found at Fungi Perfecti under the label “Host Defense.” Because this turkey tail mycelium is in its pure form, it’s considered an FDA-approved nutraceutical, allowing it to be marketing as a supplement.

Here is a TED Talk by Paul Stamets on the Turkey Tail Mushroom... (Note: That stylish hat he wears is made from a giant mushroom)



The Evolution Of Natural/Organic Hair Care

Having been in the natural foods industry since 1979, I have seen many evolutions in all catagories. One I am most excited about is hair care. " Back in the day", natural/organic hair care left much to be desired. It had clean ingredients but really had little to offer in the way of performance. I am ashamed to admit though using all clean skin and body care products I would often fall back on salon products to get my hair to "behave". I would cringe at the ingredients but what was a girl to do???

In the past few years the natural/organic hair care industry has finally caught up to speed offering clean, natural, and organic hair care products that finally perform as well as salon products. So I thought I would share with you some products that I just can't live without.....

Peter Lamas Hair care makes an amazing line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products for ALL hair types, but my super favorite is the Soy & Baobab Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Extremely moisturizing for this dry climate, detangles with ease and doesn't weigh your hair down. It's safe for all color & chemically treated hair.

Really putting your hair through the paces? Earth Science makes the most amazing Olive & Avocado Hair masque for super deep conditioning. If your hair is extremely dry this is a fantastic product!!!

John Masters Organics is another company who is constantly innovating new products. New in the past few months on my go to list are their new line of Color Enhancing Conditioners to keep color looking bright & fresh whether you color your hair or not. Also their new Rose & Apricot Hair milk for leave in conditioning. A little on the ends or a lot worked evenly throughout makes your hair soft and managable. My other favorite of John Masters is Shine On leave-in treatmentment for shine & softness. A tiny dab gets rid of fly-aways and smooths hair out!

Finally, before I bore you to death is Giovanni's line of products. They really were the true innovator of salon quality products and have a broad category for every hair type and situation. Their 2Chic line is AMAZING! The Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil line leaves your hair baby soft, smooth and smelling super delicious! They currently have 4 separate lines with everything from Shampoo/conditioners, leave-ins, hair sprays, shine enhancers and on and on. Word on the street is they are launching a brand new line next month! Can't wait to get my hands on that!!

So, if you have tried products in the way past and been super disappointed like me, don't be afraid to try what is out there now. It's a super exciting time for clean performance hair products! If you need some advice or a recommendation don't be afraid to ask myself, our staff or shoot us an email on our website. Here's to gorgeous hair!- Julie

"What's in my Medicine Cabinet" - Cold and Flu Season Prep

  Nothing is worse then starting to come down with something or having one of your kiddos showing first signs of illness and not having what you need on hand. This started me thinking, "what can I not live without in my medicine cabinet?" There are so many fantastic products out there, and of course everybody's body reacts differently but these are the products I can't live without!!!!

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